Join us at the next AHK Experience episode, this time we will present the company Riko d.o.o.

Riko is an established engineering company offering integrated technology solutions in the fields of process engineering, energy, logistics systems, transport infrastructure, construction, environmental protection and information technology. Successful projects and cooperations have earned Riko a good reputation and firmly established the company in the markets of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia and the European Union.


Greeting: Gertrud Rantzen, Chairwoman of the Board at AHK Slovenia

Presentation of Riko: Tanja Rupnik, Business Development Manager/Europe

Presentation of the three divisions of Riko:

- Logistics: Tanja Rupnik, Business Development Manager/Europe

- Construction Industry: Katarina Kumelj, Project Manager

- Digitalisation: Biljana Prinčič, IT Manager

Closing networking session: time for Q&A and discussion

Language: English


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